4 Staging Tricks to Get Your Property Sold Out Faster at a Higher Rate

Dated: July 30 2020

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So, you have decided to sell your house. What do you think will help you get buyers to purchase your property? No idea right? Don’t worry! Read this blog article in brief.

Selling a property is never an easy task. Although, there are many tricks and techniques with the help of which you can present your property as one of the best in the market, but home staging is one of the techniques that make a property visually and aesthetically appealing to a home buyer. It helps makes your property more attractive for the buyer.

Home staging is one tried-and-true trick that is proven to minimize your property’s time on the market. As per various studies, it has been found that homes staged before listing receives an offer in just 23 days on average, which is around 90% faster than those who waited months after listing to bother staging.

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If your budget is tight, you might think that you can’t afford to stage your property. But, as per the professional real estate agents in Modesto, CA, below are the four golden rules to help you sell your property quickly.

Create a Curb Appeal:

The first and foremost thing that a buyer gets to notice while viewing a property put on sale is the facade of your home. Make sure that the landscaping, lawn, driveway, and walkway are clearly trimmed and well-maintained. Wash the windows, prune bushes and plants, and repaint the porch, if needed. Make sure the porch or the entryway is inviting to the property buyers.

Improving the curb appeal of the property helps a lot to grab buyers. The real estate agents of The JRP Group have seen numerous cases of homes for sale in Modesto, CA, where the curb appeal has been a factor of purchasing a property. It attracts the buyers to a great extent.

Experiment and Use Neutral Palette:

There should be a transition of color scheme in different rooms of your property. It is one of the most attractive things that a buyer essentially watch out on a property while making a purchase. Many times, performing this step as a part of home staging helps the property sold out faster than even thought.

Declutter the Property:

This is yet another important part of home staging that can really help attract more buyers. Often, having excessive clutter makes the property look clumsy and unattractive. This often causes disinterest within the buyer. However, if you keep your property clean, get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated in every nook and cranny, etc., then you might attract more buyers and get your property sold out faster. People require to be able to envisage what the property would look like if they were living there. People often find this difficult, so make it easy for them to seek all the fantastic living space you are offering them.


Unless your property has an exceptional period built-in, all home could benefit from some updating. If someone feels the property is up-to-date with the latest trends, they will reflect that feeling in the offer. Consider making simple changes like swapping out gold fixtures for a nickel or chrome.

Seeking Assistance of Professional

Whatever you do, you need some professional help to fasten up the process of the home sale. Professional real estate agents have better contacts and they can better guide you with the home selling process. If you are looking to sell your home in California, then seek to take the help of our real estate agents of the JRP Group in Modesto, CA. We make home selling and buying a hassle-free process for our clients. You can buy and sell property with confidence from us.

To know more about us, visit our website www.thejrpgroup.com

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